Mission & Vision

Balkan Research Institute aims to provide individuals with global and technological knowledge who will also stick tightly to main values of the Republic of Turkey. They will also make research that will help for the social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological development of humanity and Turkey. By doing so, our Institute also aims to contribute to the friendship between different communities in the world including those belonging to the Balkan communities. Scientific researches and studies conducted at the Balkan Research Institute will not only help people to have a better understanding on political, economic, cultural and social structures of the Balkan countries, but also it will contribute to various policies prepared in Ankara regarding issues in the Balkans. By its masters and doctorate programs, our Institute also aims to fill the gap in the Turkish academic literature regarding Balkans.

By promoting the fundamental target of Trakya University, i.e. bridge the future, Balkan Research Institute seeks to make projects focusing on language, arts, history, culture and socio-economic issues in the Balkans, which emphasizes relations of Turkey and Trakya University with the Balkans. In particular, we wish to give momentum to academic cooperation between Turkey and the Balkan countries that will contribute ongoing bilateral relations between Trakya University and academic institutions all over the Balkans.  
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